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Repurpose used batteries to safely power anything.

What are we going to to do with the hundreds of millions of batteries which are retired each year?
Today they are shredded, but we have a better idea.

Absolute Safety

Our cell-level battery protection systems ensure safe operating bounds are always respected.

Intelligent Use of Resources

Over 70% of cells in a typical battery pack have more than 95% capacity remaining. And yet 100% of the pack’s cells end up in the shredder. We plan on changing that.

Reliable power

The economics of modern battery stocks enable our designs to be redundant and therefore maximally available.

We live in the battery age.

Over a billion standard batteries must be recycled each year starting in 2023. Today, these cells are shredded even when they are still practically brand new, by virtue of the fact their neighboring cells are no longer viable.

Safety is the Challenge

Modern batteries must be used under specific conditions to ensure their safety. Our systems are designed according to automotive functional safety standards, as simply as possible with as much complex as necessary.

We are in love with your problems.

Too often solutions are created which then set out to search for a problem. Our approach is different.
We start with your problem, and adapt our solution to your needs.
Our core technology is designed for maximum adaptability across a broad range of energy applications.

We want to help power your future.

We sort and evaluate used electric scooter and bicycle batteries.

We help power tool OEMs manager their stocks of battery returns.

We strongly believe in a better future.

And we would be glad if you joined us on our way together.